Exploring the diverse foodscape in Boston Borough & South Holland – this project ran during the summer of 2014.


Abbey Parks Farm Shop,

East Heckington, Boston, Lincolnshire PE20 3QG

Reknowed for their asparagus Abbey park also harvest grains and run a farm shop & restaurant






Danby SG & Sons,

Eastfield House, Gipsey Ln, Wrangle, Boston, Lincolnshire PE22 9BG
An organic farm, with a special interest in wildlife conservation.






 Jack Bucks Farms

Green lane, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE12 6LT

They have been farming in Moulton Parish for the best part of 150 years, and focus on growing unusual crops such as celeriac and fennel






Pinchins Family Farm Shop,

Church Ln, Algarkirk, PE20 2HN

Focusing on the production of Lamb, as well as some vegetables. They also smoke their own meat, and make their own bacon, pies and cakes.






Strawberry fields Organics,

Scarborough Bank, Stickford, PE22 8DR

They grow lettuce, other vegetables and herbs using organic methods







Woodlands Organic Farm,

Wash Road, Kirton, PE20 2DN
An organic farm providing local veg boxes






Vine House Farm

Deeping st Nicholas, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE11 3DG

With a focus on wildlife conservation within their farming methods they grow seed specifically for bird food





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