Exploring the diverse foodscape in Boston Borough & South Holland – this project ran during the summer of 2014.

Strawberry Fields Organics

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We had a lovely visit to Strawberry Fields Organic Farm, they have been farming organically since 1975, Pam says ‘We started farming organically by accident! We would never have considered putting chemicals on the land’.

We spent a fun day learning about all the different crops they crop, including 7 different types of lettuce, 3 different colours of beetroot and up to 46 varieties of squash. In all they grow up to 80 inspiration varieties of crops.

setting out small


Tomatoes in the poly tunnel

lettuce strips small

7 different types of lettuce

Strawberry Fields was started with the aim of self sufficiency more than anything, although they do still need to pay the bills, so they’re acreage for each crop is smaller instead focusing on growing unusual crops and supplying farms shops and box schemes, as well as wholesalers.

going to try planting small

learning to plant

Trying our luck on the planter

getting to grips with the brush weeder

getting to grips with the brush weeder

We were shown some of the varied different pieces of farm machinery, each thing is only for one specific job. We also learnt about flame weeding, practiced just after ‘drilling’ your seed to give the seedlings a head start.

They are of course not just worried about their crops and getting rid of weeds but also dedicate a lot of energy to preserving wildlife and building up habitat, planting 2km of hedgerows and putting in 2 owl boxes which have had owls roosting the last few years.

And after all that we were treated to a wonderful spread, with all the colours of beetroot on show, sorrel potatoes, eggs with lovage and a BBQ! A lovely end to the day, and the weather even held out – who could ask for more!

a delicous spread

a delicous spread

the barbecue small

4 different colours of beetroot!

4 different colours of beetroot!

a delicious meal at the end of a lovely day

a delicious meal at the end of a lovely day


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